November 8, 2010

Yanhee International Hospital – It Can Solve Any Problem That You Have!

At present, everyone want to look better especially those are who are born in defect and for those who already born with a beautiful face with appearance. So, the Yanhee International hospital also those people who born in defect or ugly because this hospital has different department for the different types of problems, and the departments such as:

  • Weight loss center
  • Plastic surgery center
  • Skin surgery center
  • Varicose veins center
  • ENT and diacritical center
  • Hair center
  • Cosmetic Tattoo Center

Through these types of departments the patients have the beautiful appearance with maintaining instructions. The patient can manipulate their entire body in simple manner.

In Yanhee, everyone can be more beautiful, especially those with congenital defects or those who give were born with less natural beauty. For those who already born with a beautiful appearance, Yanhee can also help you solve any obvious defects to feel better about yourself. In Yanhee, everyone has the opportunity to look more attractive, so as to enhance self-esteem and confidence, to pave the way for a happier life.

Yanhee International Hospital is recognized worldwide as the leader in the cosmetic surgery field. Yanhee has 120 medical experts and beauty services.

Yanhee has the following centers:

Skin Center

Has eight full-time physician and the latest high-tech devices. Provides a complete range of services, as follows:

CO2 Laser :

Skin warts, skin hanging objects, moles, sunburn, blackheads, skin proliferation lesions

ND Yag Laser :

Remove tattoos, herpes, scars

Aramis Laser :

Wrinkles, depressed scars, deep wrinkles his forehead and nose

Cool glide Laser :

Hair Removal: armpit hair

Cellulite IP Shaping :

Solid and amorphous body repair

Elimination of body fat, cellulite and local groups

Phono – Iontophoresis:

Facial whitening and skin defects

MD Plus dermabrasion :

Herpes scar reduction

Botox Botox :

Facial wrinkles


Freckle treatment

V-Beam :

Elimination of herpes scar

Aurora :

Reduce facial wrinkles, smooth facial skin whitening

Hair center

Hair restoration and hair care, provide a lasting solution to hair loss. When the hair restoration, self-confidence grew. Hair restoration surgery is simple, painless and safe. We are specialists in the center of the hair have two surgeries, a treatment room and an operating room. Equipped with modern medical equipment, tyranny hair loss and other hair related issues.

Cosmetic Tattoo Center

Journal of modern technology to provide a permanent tattoo services for the beauty and treatment. Such as: a variety of abnormal scars and discoloration of the skin disease. We provide all the services, are used under the strict supervision of specialists from the United States imported dyes, and the use of strict sterilization techniques.