November 4, 2010

Wireless Capsule Endoscopy – Stay Safe from Diseases!

Is the process effective one?

The wireless capsule endoscopy is a non invasive test to diagnose the reason of obscure GI bleeding and other small intestinal disorders like Crohn’s disease. This procedure can also be used to diagnosed GERD, and it is entail swallowing a capsule about the size of a multi vitamin that’s have a camera attached to it. On the basic information the capsules moves through the intestines. So, it take the picture interior part of the body which are transmitted to a small data recorded that the patient wears the patient belt. Latterly, it can download and interpreted by a physician.

What are the benefits of the process?

The wireless capsule endoscopy, there were no effective non invasive ways to imagine the small intestine. This process is painless and need no sedation. The wireless capsule endoscopy is diagnostic medical treatment that is been used to explore gastrointestinal tract, which includes esophagus, duodenum, stomach, as well as colon. The wireless capsule endoscopy that allows patient to swallow capsule where is placed mini video camera, which records images of digestive tract. Wireless capsule endoscope gives important advantage over same methods of the digestive tract exploration, and in that it will get used to view small intestine.

Before patient swallows wireless capsule endoscopy camera, they should undergo some procedures, and take some pills, to make sure digestive tract is totally free from food & is clean. It is very important as it makes sure camera can record the clear images. In order, to clean out digestive tract patient is asked to make use of laxative and purgative pills, as well as undergo an enema.

During wireless capsule endoscopy treatment patient swallows capsule slightly larger than one that are generally used for the medication. All along with mini-camera, capsule has batteries, light bulb, as well as radio transmitter. Unit records images since, it moves through digestive tract, these are all transmitted to receiver which patient wears when capsule is working. Procedure can last over 24 hours, after which photos are all downloaded to computer for review. When patient passes capsule it is flushed away; and capsules are not at all reused.

The wireless capsule endoscopy are used to diagnose range of the digestive system disorders. And these include many different cancers, which includes the small colon cancer, intestinal cancer, as well as other cancers of gastrointestinal tract. The Crohn’s disease, gastric ulcers, ulcerative colitis, as well as other irritable bowel diseases will get diagnosed using the method.