November 5, 2010

Vasectomy Thailand – Remove the Pain from the Testicle!

What is the vasectomy?

It is a minor surgical procedure where the vasa differentia of a man severed, and then sealed in a manner which prohibited sperm from entering the seminal steam. The vasectomy has not been confused with castration, which is the surgical removal of the testicle.

How is the surgery performed?

Generally, is can be done an outpatient setting, a traditional vasectomy includes numbing of the scrotum after which one or two tiny incisions are made. It permits the experts to gain access to the vas deferens of each testicle. It has cutter and sealed by tying stitching, cauterization or either clamped to prohibited sperm from entering the seminal stream. It is essential to conform that the patient will be sterile after the surgery.  No matter, whether husband gets vasectomy or wife gets tubal ligation is generally decided by who has strongest will. The vasectomies & tubal ligations are very safe surgeries, however operation on man is simple cutting under skin in the office, whereas operation on woman requires going in her belly in operating room. Over long haul, and they are safe & effective in preventing the pregnancies.

The two studies seemed showing that to have the vasectomy increases man’s chances to get the prostate cancer, however more current studies show that no increased risk. While the scientists compare 2 variables to see in case, one causes other, and they must determine whether factor causes other, and is linked with that. They make use of 2 study groups: men who had vasectomies & those who have not. And men who had vasectomies generally tend being sexually active than one who haven’t had procedure; or, they will not need to have vasectomy done. And three current studies show increased the sexual activity is risk factor for prostate cancer. One at the increased risk will include men who have earliest first the sexual intercourse, most partners, most marriages and most frequent orgasms. But, now most doctors feel sexual activity is not the risk factor for the prostate cancer. Men who had vasectomies are less likely to make use of condoms as they do not need to worry about the pregnancy, and thus they are likely to choose venereal diseases that might not get associated with the prostate cancer.

Doctors cut spermatic cord when it leaves testicles to carry the sperm to outside. Beyond cut, 2 glands, prostate & seminal vesicles, that attach to & supply most of ejaculatory fluid. The vasectomy doesn’t change man’s hormone levels or appearance or else amount of the fluid in his ejaculate.