November 5, 2010

Stem Cell Therapy Thailand – It’s Designed for Curing Your Problem!

How is the surgery performed?

The blood has drawn from the Hanson’s arm and it has to be sent to the laboratory. That time the stem cells were extracted in very complicate procedure. The cells were then the cultured to improve their numbers, and the blood back up to the recognized hospital about a week later. In most of the cases, the blood has to be collected in the patient’s home country, and they will come to the Thailand while the stem cells are available. After the Hanson’s blood can be gone through its procedure of selection and culture of the cells 15ml of blood were made ready for injection; its can be categorized into 30 doses. The stem cell has to be inserted into portion of the heart’s wall in which strengthening is needed.

The stem cell is undifferentiated cell, which will renew itself & develop in three different kinds of the tissue. The embryonic stem cells are been derived from the early stage embryos & have ability to differentiate in all the adult cell types. The embryonic stem cells behave in consistent way under microscope however are less predictable while injected in body. They will give you a few benefits for research however the use is controversial & they are not very useful for the actual treatments.

The adult stem cells live in the post fetal animals. Te examples are linage committed like hematopoietic stem cells, which become red and white blood cells, and mesenchymal stem cells, which will become a lot of types of tissue, and that includes tendon, bone, cartilage, ligament, liver, heart, and nerves. The sources of adult stem cells that include fat, bone marrow, brain tissue, as well as muscles. Of all tissues, fat yields largest numbers of the mesenchymal stem cells, whereas the bone marrow and umbilical blood yield stem cells that can get red and white blood cells.

There are many various categories of the stem cells, that includes allogenic, autologous, as well asxenogenic. The autologous stem cells are one that are derived from same animal. And these are good for transplanting as there is not any concern about this to be rejected. The allogenic stem cells are from donor of same species. As, stem cells don’t have standard cell surface markers, which will trigger immune response, and these cells will get used without any fear of the rejection by host tissue.