November 5, 2010

Spinal Stenosis Surgery Thailand – Offering the best Selection!

Who is a candidate for surgery?

Its disorder is most common in the men and women in the 50 and above of age. Often, it may occur in younger people who are born with a narrowing of the spinal canal or who suffer an injury to the spine.

How is the surgery performed?

It is the non surgical procedure of the spinal stenosis and it may be internists or natural practitioners. The experts are also treated by the surgeons such as arthritis, and it related disorders and the neurologists. The orthopaedic experts and neurosurgeons also offer nonsurgical treatment and perform spinal surgery if it is much required. There is a physical therapy to treat the spinal stenosis. While narrowing occurs in center of spinal canal it might press on spinal cord. In case, narrowing happens on side of spinal canal it might press on nerves – this mgiht result in what are been termed as the lateral recess stenosis and foraminal stenosis that depends on whether stenosis is in lateral aspect of spinal canal or else in neuroforamen where nerve exits. These sub kinds of the spinal stenosis might affect nerve in region.

The spinal stenosis is the most common causes of the back pain. Actually, approximately around 70% of the people with the spinal stenosis have the back pain. This might range from the intermittent discomfort to the severe & disabling spinal arthritis pain. Lots of people suffering with the spinal stenosis experience and what is been termed, as neurogenic claudication. The results in pain and weakness in legs as person tries to walk long distance. Eventually, distance that person can walk is limited. Thus, people are disabled.

One of common signs of the neurogenic claudication is named “grocery cart sign”, that is, when person with the significant neurogenic claudication walks distance, and they start to feel symptoms in the legs. When this happens they might sit down for some minutes and symptoms might resolve. But, lots of people can bend forward & lean on cart to get relief. An effect of leaning ahead on cart opens spinal canal & gives more room for spinal cord and nerves. Even small amount of the additional room will have significant impact on distance or duration that these people will walk.

There are a lot of causes of the spinal stenosis but most common cause is very simple aging. When we age, spine degenerates & condition well known as the spondylosis develops. The Spondylosis is medical term for the spinal degeneration and arthritis. Spondylosis might happen in lower back & is been termed, as lumbar spondylosis.