November 5, 2010

Samitivej Hospital – Getting Right Solution through It!

Samitivej hospital was established in 1979 as a leading healthcare provider. The surgeons of this hospital can be committed to offer quality care and bringing the high end medical technologies to our customers. Their community and the public relationship have been recognized by the outsider authority and local. The foremost and latest addition to the group of this hospital is Samitivej Sriracha having 150 beds, and it has located 130 km Southeast of Bangkok. This hospital has approved by the WHO and UNICEF, and it first to be awarded for the service of the hospital. While you move for the hospital that time you need to collect the important information so that you can take right decision for the complicated problem.

Weight Loss Center:

Have eight specialists in the individual weight loss clinic for you to assess and address the obesity problem, provide an effective therapy for individuals and life rules. Reference combination of traditional Chinese herbs and Western medicine, and Thai preparations, to ensure the effectiveness and minimal side effects.

Plastic surgery Center

has 12 experienced, are members of the Thai Association of Aesthetic Plastic highly qualified specialist plastic surgeon, configure the operating room and 12 large 20 small operating room, in order to help people complete the desire to become more beautiful.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Center

A variety of common gynecological diseases, provide diagnostic services, including cosmetic surgery and reconstruction of repair areas. There were four full-time in the center of specialists, including a special proficiency in fertility specialists.

Varicose veins center

According to the seriousness of each case to provide a variety of treatment. Easy to use small varicose veins laser treatment, a greater hardening of the arteries hardening agent therapy need to use direct injection into the veins collapse and eliminate it. Varicose veins to be the largest surgical dissection. A total of three full-time physicians, a consulting room, one small operating room, seven female and three were inoculated observation room, and an operating room.

ENT and diacritical center

is for patients to lift the ears, nose, throat problems tyranny center, in particular the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea symptoms. Music is also a lot of surgery for transsexuals or women with male voices change tone, to help patients make the sound more feminine choice. The three full-time specialists for patients with advanced technology and modern equipment of medical services.