November 5, 2010

Resection of Scrotum Thailand – Eliminating Chronic Skin Lesions!

Why the process required?

It is an important factor for clinicians to consider lymphatic malformations in the variety diagnosis of chronic skin lesions. There is no matter where they appear anatomically. The surgeons can offer the report a case of deep surgical excision of an extensive lymphatic malformation of the resection scrotum using regional flaps from uninvolved scrotal tissue. Eliminate of the lesion not only agreed the patient more comfort but also may have ultimately cured the patient symptom. The above are main cause that required surgeon for removing the problem in ample.

Why the resection of Scrotum in Thailand?

The best hospital and well skilled surgeons are making the process with simple manner. Also the lower surgery cost is the main reason for patient’s selecting the place for their surgical process.


In Thailand hospital, we describe the treatment & reconstruction in the patients after the surgery for extramammary Paget’s disease of penis as well as scrotum. We as well investigated whether the disease causes increased risk of the undiagnosed visceral malignancy.

Materials & Methods

We reviewed databases at the hospital from 1996 – 2000 and identified six men and 67 – 87 years old (that mean age 76). Additionally, we reviewed literature on clinical & pathological features of the disease.


In 6 patients the scrotal involvement was there in 83% as well as penile extramammary disease was there in 33%. Every man underwent the wide local excision & large skin defects were instantly reconstructed with the split thickness skin grafts. Also, in one case extramammary disease had spread to superficial inguinal nodes. And at mean follow up of around 29 months there is no local recurrence & internal malignancy hasn’t been diagnosed. Literature review also revealed around 13 patients with the penoscrotal extramammary disease & visceral malignancy, which includes (92%) with the malignancy of genitourinary system.

Extramammary disease of penis & scrotum is the rare disease that is managed by excision & immediate reconstruction with the skin grafting and local skin flap. The disease might spread to regional lymph nodes and though genitourinary cancer might accompany the penoscrotal extramammary disease, extensive search for the cancer of thorax and abdomen is unnecessary as just one reported case of the colon cancer is associated with penile and scrotal extramammary disease.