November 4, 2010

Rectocele Repair Thailand /Enterocele Repair Thailand (Posterior Vaginal Repair with Mesh) – Drag th

What is a rectocele repair?

It is a surgical process carried out the correct a rectocle of the rectum. It occurs while the rectum is forced out of place and begins to put pressure on the back wall of the vagina, reason symptoms such as pain during sex and constipation. It repair corrects this problem by relocating the rectum to its normal position and adding supportive sutures or surgical mesh to prohibit further prolapsed. The rectum and vagina are held in their places via muscles that ensure that they do not encroach on the space of one another. In most of the cases fascia muscles that separate the vagina and the rectum weaken, reason the rectum to fall foreword and force the pressure on the vagina. The rectocele is abnormal bulging of septum (that is generally the semi-rigid divider rectum ) in area. It happens when end of large intestine pushes by back wall.

The rectocele generally results from the prior damage to fascia, which causes that to weaken, like during the childbirth and from the excessive straining. It is caused by a lot of factors, however most common is the childbirth, especially difficult birth that involves tear and episiotomy, and use of the forceps. The pelvic surgeons who treat the rectocele should have the excellent understanding of normal anatomy, interactions of connective tissue as well as muscular supports of pelvis, as well as relationship between function and anatomy. Mild rectoceles might cause no signs and symptoms and more severe rectoceles might cause the noticeable bulge of the tissue through opening. Most of the rectoceles happen in the women where front wall of rectum is against back wall. And this area is named septum and are weak area in female anatomy. Some other structures might as well push and rectocele and enterocele is there at birth, though it is rare.

Rectocele is been defined as the herniation and bulging of posterior wall, and with anterior wall of rectum in the direct apposition to epithelium. The rectocele or enterocele might get large and more obvious while you strain and bear down. As rectocele or enterocele are defects of pelvic supporting tissue & not bowel wall, they are all treated successfully with the surgery, which repairs wall. The surgical repair of rectoceles & enteroceles is been used to manage the symptoms like bulging (prolapse) of intestine in and out of low back pain, as well as painful Rectocele & enterocele formation might happen together, particularly in case, you had surgery for removing uterus. The rectocele are present without other abnormalities. The rectocele must just get treated in case, that causes some significant symptoms.