November 5, 2010

Physical Checkup Package – Draw the Packages to Maintain Your Body Delightfully!

The necessity for a physical check up is becoming enhancing important, especially for those living away from their home country. With this mind of Thailand hospital has developed a wide range of physical check up packages designed to meet the requirements of both individuals and companies. The medical services and tests may be offered within this physical check up packages involved surgical and internal examination, gynecological check up, chest X ray, abdominal ultrasound. The precise details are available on the package on the following web pages. As part of the process you will see our experts who will explain the details about the physical check up package. The medical team has considerable experience in the physical check up process, and they strive to sure and efficient.

For the purposes of the physical examination, chest is divided in various areas with view to allow the anatomical localization of lesion. Anterior part is been divided in supraclavicular, mammary, infraclavicular, as well as inframammary regions. Lateral aspect is been divided in axillary & infra-axillary areas and back is been divided in suprascapular, interscapular as well as infrascapular area. The physical examination is then carried out from inspection to palpation, and percussion & auscultation. The measurement of chest for the expansion is simple & reliable clinical way for assessing ventilatory capacity, the normal expansion in adult ranges from around 6 to 8cm.

Note raised by the percussion and vibration felt by pleximeter finger gives you the valuable clues to state of underlying lung & pleura. By the percussion it is likely to assess relative proportion of air, and solid tissue and fluid underlying area.

Clinical significance of the alteration in percussion note

Normal lung – Resonant

Penumothorax, Hollow viscus, – Tympanitic

Moderate emphysema, pneumothorax, bullae – Hyper resonant

Consolidation, fibro-thorax collapse, – Impaired resonance to the moderate dullness

Emphysema, Pleural effusion, thick fibrothorax – that is stony dullness.

Special types of the percussion include the “tidal percussion” as well as “elicitation of the shifting dullness”. Former is used to distinguish the dullness that is caused by upper border of liver from this caused by the pleural fluid and consolidation of lower portion of lungs. Also, shifting dullness happens when there is the fluid that is free to move with the changing positions of patient. This happens in hydropneumothorax or else in large cavity having fluid & air.