November 4, 2010

Perineoplasty Thailand (Perineorrhaphy Thailand) – You will Stay Safe through It!

Perineoplasty is a procedure that can describe various related surgical process used in the correction of agreement of the vagina and anus. The treatment and procedure conditions ma involve vaginal looseness, vaginal itching, and damaged premium with so many things. It is fully depending on the conditions to be treated, there are two main variants of the perineoplasty process. These two variants are:

  • One designed to tighten perineal muscles and the vagina
  • And the other is loosening them.

What is perineoplasty procedure?

During the perineoplasty procedure is cut and the lost or stretched skin and muscles tissue are reconstructed tighten to reshape the perineum to its pre pregnancy stage. It is depending on the damage to the perineum being reconstructed, the surgery can take 30 minutes to an hour. Perineoplasty is the medical operation, which is needed when perineum is loose & needs tightening up. At times Perineoplasty is been used to tighten vagina to increase the sexual pleasure for patient & her husband and partner.

What is Perineum & where it is?

The Perineum is small area of the skin that is found between bottom end of the vulva (and protecting vagina) and opening of anus.

Why does Perineum feel loose?

Perineum will get badly stretched, mainly in the childbirth and it might be torn during the delivery & needed stitching. Stitching might be badly done, and leaving lots of scarring. It will make vagina feel much wider than the normal, and meaning lovemaking is not same like it was before giving birth.

What are problems that are associated with damaged Perineum?

You might have noticed some changes in bowel habits because of the childbirth (for example you had third and fourth degree of perineal tears). The third degree tear means muscle & skin in perineum and muscle surrounding anus are torn. The fourth degree tear is same as the third degree tear, however area instantly inside anus is torn.

Can my Perineum get restored to normal?

It can.

What does surgery involve?

Vaginal opening is cut & underlying tissues that are stitched back together by using the dissolvable stitches. Stitches stay in proper place for 6 weeks. The general anaesthetic is given and you must not need to remain with us more than one day.

Will there be any complications?

There are a few bleeding and you must contact us in case, it is heavy. Like with most of the invasive surgery there is risk of infection, however this is very easily treated.

How long surgery takes?

Procedure will take 30 – 45 minutes.

What can happen in recovery period?

You must avoid any sexual activity & physical exertion (carrying heavy things) for around one month. You can return to work for a week after surgery.