November 5, 2010

Pattaya International Hospital – It’s Offering the Best Procedure For Solving the Complicated Problem!

The Pattaya International Hospital is one of most modern medical service provider at their residents. There are different types of opportunity to specify your problem in good way, these opportunity are:

  • 80 inpatient beds
  • 24 hours emergency service
  • Full range of advanced facilities
  • Intensive care
  • Obstetrics
  • X-Ray
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Fully-equipped operating theatres
  • Physical therapy center
  • Dental clinic

The surgeons and the staffs of this hospital has well trained and fully experienced offer personalized care with the high end medical procedure. It is so convenient to draw the solution for your problem in best manner. From the start of patient receiving to the end of curing that you can find out the best service provider with great solution for the problematic area. Pattaya International Hospital is most modern medical centers at Thailand. Surgeons has the international trained as well as experienced to give personalized care by use latest medical technology.

Pattaya International Hospital situated in pattaya, patients will recuperate in the convenient & quiet location, and this garantee in patients will recuperate in the cheerful. Pattaya International Hospital gives 24 hours of emergency service & has own fleet of the ambulances. The resident doctors are available to give you efficient, and personalized care, which is backed by the services that include x-ray, laboratory, well equipped operating theatres, dental, obstetrics, as well as latest in the Intensive Care facilities. Pattaya Hospital can strive to attain & maintain the International Standards or give you the customer satisfaction above & beyond expectations., Pattaya Hospital gives best medical care just by efficiently using the resources & up to date technology, Teamwork is driving force in giving you the quality medical care & services with the customers’ needs & satisfaction as main objective.

Pattaya International Hospital is Thailand’s modern medical centers and it gives around 80 inpatient beds, twenty four hours emergency service, as well as complete range of the advanced facilities, which includes obstetrics, intensive care, laboratory, dental clinic, pharmacy, well equipped operating theatres as well as physical therapy center. The Internationally trained as well as experienced doctors will give you the personalized care, and backed by latest medical technology, and Pattaya International Hospital is in convenient however quiet location, and where inpatients will recuperate in the cheerful, and private rooms, which overlook tropical garden. Doctors, senior nurses as well as admissions staff in Pattaya International

Hospital are fluent in English and computerized medical records is been used to record each aspect of the patient’s care, from the initial consultation, through admission (in case, necessary), treatment or dispensing of the medications from pharmacy, to the final billing.