November 4, 2010

Ovarian Cystectomy Thailand – Unpredictable Things can Predictable!

What is ovarian cystectomy?

Ovarian cystectomy is a surgical procedure where the patients benign conditions of the ovary in which a cyst may be eliminated and while it is desirable to remove a functional ovary in place. It is perfectly true in women of reproductive stage. The experts can continue to be amazed at how much function remains in the smallest segment of healthy ovarian tissue. Thus, if it is technically feasible no malignant tissue present, it behooves those performing pelvic surgery to effort to perform ovarian cystectomy in preference to oophorectomy. Accurately in those patients who desire to become pregnant.

Why people move for treatment?

The surgeons of the Thailand hospital is become more popular among all in the ovarian cystectomy surgery so that the surgeons can be insert the procedure to make unpredictable to predictable things. The ovarian cystectomy is done in those benign conditions of an ovary where the cyst is removed as well as while it is desirable to leave the functional ovary in proper place. And this is mainly true in the women of the reproductive age. The pelvic surgeons carry on to get amazed at how much the function stays in smallest segment of the healthy ovarian tissue. Thus, if it is feasible & where one is been assured there is not any malignant tissue present, and it behooves performing pelvic surgery to try to perform the ovarian cystectomy in the preference to oophorectomy, mainly in patients who would like to get pregnant.

Purpose of operation is excising ovarian cyst without even removing ovary.

Physiologic Changes. Ovarian cyst is been removed.

Points of Caution. Incision in ovarian capsule should be made carefully to prevent any rupture of cyst.

Meticulous hemostasis should get achieved to avoid any ovarian hematoma and this is performed best with the running mattress suture.


The patients with adnexal mass must get placed on operating table in dorsal lithotomy position. The thorough examination under the anesthesia is done before opening abdomen. Bladder should get emptied with catheter and surgeon must not get surprised to see patient who is referred for the ovarian cyst who has the problem with the urinary retention.

Abdomen, perineum, as well as vagina are very surgically prepared. Though hysterectomy is required, malignancy will occasionally get encountered that can necessitate removal of uterus. For this cause, it is good to have prepared vagina with the aseptic soap solution.

Patient is changed to supine position or to modified dorsal lithotomy place. In general, patient of the menopausal age and above must have lower midline incision for the adnexal masses.