November 4, 2010

Orchidopexy Thailand – Avoid the Cancer from Testicle!

What is orchidopexy?

It is a surgical procedure in which the Paediatric Surgeon moves an undescended testicle down into the base of the scrotum. An orchidopexy is specified in those boys whose testicle has not fully descended into the scrotum by the age of 1 year of life. The orchidopexy procedure can also be performed to fix a testicular torsion. If the blood supply resorted to the testicle, then the procedure can be performed to prohibit further occurrence of torsion.

Why the procedures need to be performed?

It is used to maximizes fertility, to minimize the chance of trauma for ensure cosmetic symmetry in the scrotum and to make it easier for the boy, while the man is older, to check themselves thoroughly for cancers of the testicle.


Occasionally testis does not reach scrotum after the first operation as well as that is done again. In case, testis is very high in the abdomen & blood supply to the testis is poor, as well as it may shrink as well as disappear & this is rare.

Care in home after the operation

Make sure your kid has enough pain relief – Panadol is normally enough.

Make sure child continues to eat and drink.

If, kid develops temperature of 38.5 celsius, as well as contact surgeon.

Your child doctor & nurse will give you instructions on how you may care for the child’s wound.

Watch for signs of the infection: high temperature, as well as red, hot & oozing over wound.

Limit child’s activity for first a few days after surgery – the surgeon will advise you all this.

Please call the local doctor & hospital surgeon if, you are having any concerns. Orchiopexy is procedure where the surgeon fastens undescended testicle in scrotum, generally with the absorbable sutures. Also, it is done often in the male infants or young kids to correct the cryptorchidism, that is medical term for the undescended testicles. Orchiopexy is as well occasionally done in the adolescents or adults, and might involve one and both testicles. In the adults, orchiopexy is often done to treat the testicular torsion that is urologic emergency that is resulting from testicle’s twisting over spermatic cord & losing the blood supply.

Other names for the orchiopexy include inguinal orchiopexy, orchidopexy, the repair of cryptorchidism repair, undescended testicle, as well as testicular torsion repair.


In order, to understand reasons for performing the orchiopexy in kids, it is very helpful to have outline of normal pattern of the development of testes in male infant. Gubernaculum is embryonic cord like ligament, which attaches testes in inguinal region of the male fetus up by seventh month of the pregnancy. Between 28th and 35th week of the pregnancy, gubernaculum migrates in scrotum & make some space for testes to descend.