November 4, 2010

Natural Birth With Epidural Thailand – Makes the Childbirth Much Safer!

Why the process required?

Natural birth is an advanced procedure using to avoid anesthesia medication at the time of child birth. Due to the process baby birth is safely done without the risk of drugs harming problem for child. The natural birth is also known as the medication free process. Also the Lamaze and the Bradley technique are providing more relax and reduce pain of women after their child birth.

How the surgical process performed?

In this regard the epidural anesthesia is also as a pain relief process during the childbirth. In this process a slight of the medicine goes to new born baby. Epidural is injected by the surgeons of Thailand in the lower back numbs the mother. Also the women complete awake at the time child birth and feel little pain during process. Un-medicated childbirth is not for everybody and a lot of women know that they have got no interest in “full, primal experience” to give birth. The natural childbirth is incredibly intense experience to running the marathon or else climbing the mountain. Why do that?

* Your experience is more self-directed & less medical in case, you avoid any epidural. The epidural needs IV, electronic fetal monitoring as well as bedrest. Without even epidural, in case, all is well, you must move over freely, go in shower and tub, and you are less possible to get pitocin, forceps, vacuum, as well as a few other medical treatments and it is nature intended.

* Like climbing mountain, in case, natural childbirth is goal that you have set for yourself, and meeting challenge (becoming mother simultaneously) is the powerful experience that gives tremendous sense of the achievement.

Irrespective of the preferences, it is good idea you can keep open mind & prepare for what comes. Perhaps, your labor is so fast you can arrive at hospital with the cervix eight centimeters dilated, and can give birth fast. Maybe there is many emergencies when you come on labor & delivery unit, as well as anesthesia will not be available.

Or maybe you may have long, and exhausting labor and your practitioner mgiht get sense your anxiety and fatigue is playing role in the labor’s poor progress. Also, he and she may then recommend epidural as treatment for trying to get labor moving. The open mind can help you reassess pros & cons of options, as well as cope with unexpected.