November 5, 2010

Naravee clinic – Right Facilities for Patient!

Naravee clinic was established in the year of 1985 in Khon Kaen province, that is one of the most frequently has selected school by foreign medical electives coming to Thailand. In fact Thailand is a one most efficient popular tourism destination across the globe is a great advantage to attract patients. This hospital has made a special activeness through the treatment and recovery in the patient’s life. It is so convenient and friendlier place for outsiders, offering a wide range of tourist destination that a patient can access after or during the medical treatment. It is now located in Bangkok, Thailand’s capitol city. It have modern building with international standard, leading edge facilities and equipment. Through view of this hospital have three operating theaters and ten beds.

Naravee Aesthetic clinic was established at 1985 in Khonkaen province, and home of main Medical school in Northeastern part of the Thailand. Philosophy of the practice is giving more than what we get. Service cannot just give procedure with the quality to meet the customer’s demand however peace of mind for patient’s mind & money as well. We are also striving for better, and provision of the updated knowledge & technique that includes supporting service for comforting you when you are under care. Now, Naravee Aesthetic Clinic is been committed to giving best patient care, which the modern medicine wants to give with the specialized International cosmetic. Naravee Clinic is one stop service for the plastic surgery in Thailand. Naravee Clinic has over 20 years experience in all type of the procedures with team of skilled specialists.

Naravee Aesthetic Clinic is on eastern part of the Bangkok and they are on entrance of Thailand from Suvarnabhumi International Airport, and with the deep sincere to giving you with wide range of the services whereas you stay at Bangkok, They present great aesthetic modalities & varieties from the facial uplift rejuvenation to the nonsurgical body Lypolylysis & from injection to the advanced surgery and they make use of art equipment with several years of experience.


* Face Lift

* Eyelid Surgery

* Facial Cosmetic Surgery

* Facial Contouring Surgery

* Body Contouring

* Otoplasty

* Facial Treatment

* Breast Augmentation

* Cosmetic Surgery of the genital Oran

* Liposuction

* Spider Vein Treatment

* Sex Reassignment Surgery