November 4, 2010

Myomectomy Thailand – Have Trouble Conceiving Procedure!

Why the process required?

Myomectomy is an advanced surgical process removes fibroids as leaving uterus intact. It is much essential for abdominal surgery. In the entire process the fewer invasive techniques likes the hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. The surgical processes are gaining more demand among the women that are wishing to pregnant in the future. Research said the pregnancy percent of 40 to 60 after the myomectomy process.

In this regard the expert’s suggestions are more important for every patient before moving towards the process because in most of the cases patients facing critical problem due to less skilled surgeons. But the patients of Thailand are never face such type of problem due to expert’s surgeons and advanced medical facility that handle the process very carefully. Myomectomy is the procedure where the uterine fibroids are all surgically removed from uterus. The uterine fibroids (as well known as the myomas) affect around 30% of the women. Where a lot of fibroids don’t need any treatment, and others will cause you the abnormal uterine bleeding, pain, pressure, and other symptoms.

Removing entire uterus is often done to treat the fibroids, however many women are now looking for the alternatives to the hysterectomy in case, they want to have children ad do not want to lose uterus. Unluckily, lots of gynecologists are very hesitant to suggest myomectomy. Like with any other procedure, there are advantages & disadvantages to the myomectomy. This web site can give you information to help you to make the informed decision. The myomectomy is operation for removing the fibroids when preserving uterus. For the women who have the fibroid symptoms & would like to have kids in future, and myomectomy is best treatment option.

Myomectomy is effective, however fibroids will re-grow and younger you are & more fibroids that you have at a time of the myomectomy, more likely that you are to develop the fibroids once again in future. Women nearing the menopause are least possible to have the recurring problems from the fibroids after myomectomy.

The myomectomy is done many various ways and that depends on size, number & location of fibroids, you are eligible for the abdominal myomectomy, laparoscopic myomectomy or hysteroscopic myomectomy. As well known as the “open” myomectomy, abdominal myomectomy is major surgical treatment. It involves making incision by skin on lower abdomen, well known as the “bikini cut,” as well as removing fibroids from wall of uterus. Uterine muscle is sewn back together by using many layers of the stitches. You are asleep during procedure.