November 5, 2010

Meniscus Knee Surgery Thailand – Less Time Best Achievement!

How is the meniscus repair performed?

The techniques of meniscus renovate using the arthroscopically placed tacks or suturing the tattered edges. This procedure use to function by the reapproximating the torn edges of the meniscus to allocate them to cure in their accurate place and not het caught in the knee occurring the symptoms that time the patient should move for the Thailand hospital.

Which days a patient should stay here?

It’s approximately 20 days with recovery time 2 to 3 weeks to return normal life.

What are the possible risks?

  • The patient can move through the infection and vomiting
  • The blood clot procedure can be raised.
  • It spoiled the nerves or blood vessels
  • There is a small risk of anesthesia.

The tear in meniscus, often referred as the cartilage tear, is cared by means of the meniscus surgery. The meniscus type cartilage is in fact, found in couple joints in body, however it is very commonly referred as cartilage in knee. The meniscus tears are very typical in the young people who are joining in te high impact athletics & in the older people where the degenerative tears happen.

The surgery is not needed in each situation. However, in case, after 72 hours of icing knee, keeping off the feet & keeping leg elevated doesn’t minimize pain & swelling, it is time to see physician. There are two primary varieties of the meniscus surgery. Just meniscus connected to blood supply by vascular system can undergo repair. In case, part of cartilage torn is not region linked to vascular system, then the meniscectomy is executed to eliminate affected cartilage.

Many tears are handled with the meniscus surgery, referred as the arthroscopic surgery. The arthroscope is miniature camera with light, which is inserted in knee by little incisions surrounding knee cap. The tool allows doctor to view damage & repair that with the nominal affect to patient. Generally, few type of X-ray is been used to diagnosis tear in meniscus when concern is assumed. The surgery just calls for small incisions to get made over knee cap, letting incisions to heal fast.

Physician’s instructions is to stay off feet & to elevate leg if possible for some days. Some days later you must walk over though a few individuals may be on the crutches for some weeks. The low impact exercise must not start till three months later with the heavier exercise to be acceptable after 4 months. The high impact exercises, which are stressful on knee must not get practiced until complete 6 to 8 months later.