November 5, 2010

Laser Lipolysis Thailand – Reduce the Fatness!

Why the process performed?

Excess fats are creating major problem in the lifestyle of people. The excess fat has been long problem that reasons of person’s body to appear disproportionate and donates to a loss of self confidence. It measures such as controlling food intake, weight loss and exercise cannot reduce the accumulation of localized fat in different parts of the body such as nearby the waist, thighs, hips, and under the chin as genetic plays a major role in classifying a person’s body shape and fat accumulation.

At present, the technology advances in laser lipolysis have progressed to employ techniques in the suctioning of fat such as using water pressure and ultrasound waves which have greatly enhanced results. The advance method being used for fat reduction is laser assisted laser lipolysis where the laser is used to liquefy the fat deposits before the suction it out. There are a lot of different kinds of the lasers, which will do the laser lipolysis. The lasers vary in the multiple methods, however primary difference is in wavelength of the light that they use to transmit energy to tissue. Few concentrate more on delivering energy to water, few to fat, few to pigmented areas, as well as others mixed. The brand names that include SlimLipo, ProLipo, SmartLipo, LipoLite, and many more. Results will vary remarkably & are dependent on the physician skill.

Actually, physician’s skill is most important aspect of the laser lipolysis & body contouring. Reality is laser lipolysis is not stand alone treatment. Lasers will “melt” fat, however one has to remove fat with suctioning & to sculpture areas that are treated in aesthetic manner for best results. Lots of people have the incorrect perception that the laser lipolysis is simple to do & that procedure is safe, and risk free, painless as well as fast procedure. Some have called that “lunchtime lipo.” There are advertisements, which have said one may have procedure done in the hour, with lose of the fat, tightened skin, as well as without any downtime so that you may go back to work same day.

Unluckily, truth is just rare cases are included in this and these are the patients who have little fat to remove, as well as want the minimal dissolution of the fat with skin tightening. Also, for most of the people who would like liposuction, they want significant amount of the fat to be removed, area contoured, and skin to be tightened & smoothed. To do this, the liposuction techniques should get used, this needs some surgical skill, and training & experience.