November 5, 2010

Labiaplasty Minora (Labial Reduction Thailand) – Offering Great Solution!

Labiaplasty minora is the disproportionate size of the labia minora relative to the labia majora. This procedure is also known as labia reduction, and labia rejuvenation or vaginal lip reduction designed for enhancing the appearance of the external female genitatlia. The objective is to obtain a more aesthetic appearance of the genitatlia without adding unsightly scars or distorting normal anatomy. It can be used safely performed any time after sexual maturity, often the surgeons prefers a minimum patient age of 18 years. This type of procedures can be performed before or after pregnancy. It should be accomplished the task at the time of patient is not actively menstruating to removed potential hormonal effects on anatomy and improve postoperative inflected. Though trend might have started at LA & New York, it has made the way in o America’s heartland. Women of different ages & backgrounds are looking for the labiaplasty.

Why are a lot of women opting for the labiaplasty?

Many factors are now contributing to rising popularity of the labiaplasty:

* Overall increase in the plastic surgery.

* Popularity of the bikini waxing – and making women aware of how the genitals look.

* Abundance of the sexually explicit material on television, online as well asin print – and giving women standard of the comparison for genitals’ appearance.

What abnormally causes shaped vaginal lips?

Large and uneven vaginal lips are caused by the genetics, childbirth and hormonal changes and surgery addresses structure & function of vaginal lips. Labiaplasty will correct the problems with appearance & functionality of the woman’s genitals. Few women are all embarrassed as large labia are noticeable while wearing the bathing suit and tight fitting jeans. Some others with the large vaginal lips have some pain and discomfort during sex and when exercising and riding the bicycle.

At times labiaplasty is been covered by the insurance

Large and uneven labia will cause some problems with the urination & feminine hygiene. Extra skin is prone to the excessive moisture & infections. In case, surgery is necessary, it is covered by the health insurance.

In a few cases, women look for labiaplasty after sexual partner has also made the comment about genitalia. However, more often, woman is been motivated by own physical or psychological discomfort with the body.