November 5, 2010

Labiaplasty Majora Thailand – It’s an Excision Procedure of Labia!

Labiaplasty Majora is a plastic surgery process of the female external genitalia folds the Labiaplasty Majora. It reduces the size and reshapes the interior lips of the outside of the vagina

What are types of Labiaplasty Majora in Thailand?

There are traditionally, most gynecologists’ surgeons’ uses the direct excision and reduction method of Labiaplasty. With this procedure a long strip of the Labiaplasty Minora is excised, leaving a surgical incision at the edge of the Labia. Simultaneously, the other Labiaplasty surgeons use a wedge excision procedure which is remove a V shaped area of Labiaplasty Majora, eliminating the excess and keep away from the incision along the labial edge. At the time it can be combined with the reduction and tightening of the mons pubis, otherwise called monsplasty. Labia majora reduction surgery is done for the patients who feel labia majora (that is hair bearing te outer vaginal lips) are very bulky and floppy. Enlarged labia majora is genetic & have an excessive fatty deposits, whether result of the childbirth and because of the dramatic amount of the weight loss. That depends on condition and physician’s assessment that there are many methods to address the problem. It is not very simple as saying all the patients require reduction & that each patient will get same surgical treatment to fix the problem. Having experienced surgeon who already has seen this a lot of times prior can decrease chance of getting wrong surgical procedure.

Experience of surgeon is necessary in selecting correct procedure for you and make sure to select the surgeon well! In past, the surgeons done labium reduction through straight amputation of protuberant sections & suturing edges together. This technique had the problems however, and surgeons make use of the lasers with more refined method.

Labiaplasty is also done while patient is under the local anesthesia also it is outpatient procedure. The post surgery, patients might experience a few swelling & mild discomfort, but these are generally gone after one week and two. Recovery time for labiaplasty generally ranges from 3 days to some weeks. Like with any of the surgical procedure, that there are a few risks with the labiaplasty. In five to seven cases from every 100, the additional treatment is essential.

Over last few years, the labiaplasty is growing in the popularity. Most of the patients request the labiaplasty for all functional and aesthetic reasons and a lot of people complain that the elongated labia causes some pain during the exercise, sexual intercourse, and during the extended periods of sitting. In case, you are considering labiaplasty, it is suggested you research plastic surgeons in area & meet with them for the consultation. Not everybody is good candidate for the procedure, and it is very important you do the homework before having this (and any) procedure done.