November 4, 2010

Incontinence Sling Thailand (TVT-O or TOT technique) –Advanced Process That Never Fails!

Incontinence Sling is the best process for the patients that suffering from the incontinence. There are various process are including the process that provide quick relief from critical situations.

Why the incontinence sling Thailand?

There are several reasons behind question; basically all the surgical related every item easily available in cheaper. Also hotel and commutation facility are much advanced in Thailand that help the every corner of patients to easily land for their health problem. Fist of all the surgeons of the Thai reason are well skilled in every types of critical surgery process. Also the hospitals facility are so advanced and loaded with various technologies that support the surgeons to handle every process beautifully. So, due to above reason patients are move towards Thailand.     The surgeons have devised many various methods to improve physical abnormalities of urinary system, which cause women to urinate involuntarily while they cough, laugh, and exercise. The surgical approaches make use of sling made of the synthetic materials, which support bladder.

As, the introduction in 1996, retropubic-sling procedure has more been considered gold standard. In surgery, mesh sling is been passed behind pubic bone. However, retropubic approach is not just perfect. At 2001, transobturator approach was been developed and this approach reduces angle of sling just by passing that through obturator canals — large “holes” on any side of pubic bone.

The approach reduces potential for bladder & bowel injuries that are associated with retropubic sling. Thus, is transobturator approach better?

Researchers compared outcomes for a few 600 women randomly that are assigned to procedure or other. Bottom line and two procedures are effective in relieving the stress incontinence. However, they vary in side effects patients are likely to suffer. What it means for the patients is before the surgery, they must discuss the possible complications with doctor. Also, there are 2 main kinds of the incontinence – stress incontinence & urge incontinence, at times well known as overactive bladder.

The stress incontinence is been characterized by leaking of urine while there is the sudden pressure on bladder, generally when you laugh, cough, jump and run. This is because pelvic floor muscles that support bladder have weakened as well as can’t cope with additional pressure. The stress incontinence is very rare in men & is generally result of the injury or symptoms of the enlarged prostate and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Around 40 per cent of the women have a few degree of the stress incontinence at a stage in lifetime.

Urge incontinence is different bladder condition that causes bladder to contract suddenly in uncontrolled way. The contractions happen when bladder is not at all full. About 1 in 6 people experience a few symptoms of the overactive bladder, according to 2 large studies. But, the symptoms differ in the severity. Though around 40 per cent of the women experience incontinence, five per cent can have severe problem surgery is needed.