November 4, 2010

Hystero Myomectomy Thailand – Necessary for Patient!

What is Hystero myomectomy?

At Thailand, women can find out the experts who are solving the hysteria problem in best manner. The surgeons of the Thailand hospital can offer you most important information which is very helpful in your treatment. On that basis, you need to be collecting all the information and procedure performance so you can draw the perfect solution for solving your complicated problem. This procedure is undergoing through the general anesthesia.

Why hysteron myomectomy the Thailand?

Patient can get the perfect offer for medical tourism so that they can assure about their life. The surgeons of the Thailand hospital can fix the problem through the advance technology with quality information. If you have some problem, then it is right time to move for the Thailand.  Around 31 cases of the hysteromyoma were been treated in hospital from 1989 – 1993. In place, of hysterectomy, we just resected hysteromyoma & repaired uterus. All the hysteromyoma were leiomyoma. And we believed, which hysteromyomectomy was better method than the hysterectomy for following reasons: maintaining uterus for the pregnancy, and not affecting the endocrine effects, decreasing complications as well as having virtue of the recoverence. Hysteromyomectomy is simple, safe as well as reliable operation for the hysteromyoma patients. First of cases died a few months after hysterectomy & removal of both the ovaries & tubes for the carcinoma uteri & dermoid cyst, and by extension of cancerous disease. If operation is the hysterectomy, uterine stump must l) grasped at once –and with the bullet forceps & pulled well in view. In case, inspection of field reveals point of hemorrhage operator passes fresh ligature, and thus to control trunk wound, and other to the free end.

In case, source doesn’t look at once he loses no time, however pi-oceeds to ligate both ovarian & uterine arteries as well as veins at point beyond field of the operation. Lower abdomen & pelvis are cleansed thorough the repeated irrigations with warm salt solution, diluting as well as washing out blood, as well as bringing out the clots lodged among intestines. Lastly all layers of abdominal wall are all united by the silkworm gut sutures, and closing incision from every end. Wound is redressed and fresh bandage applied.