November 4, 2010

Hymenoplasty Thailand – Drawing this Procedure to Feel the Actual Sex!

It is one of the three major areas of cosmetic vaginal surgeries. The procedure objective to correct dysfunctions and improve the women’s hidden aesthetics. Through this procedure a woman ca feel better and sensation in her vagina and pubic areas has a major impact on her self esteem that means her sexual desire, and her intimate relationship.

What are the three major areas?

There are three most important areas of cosmetic vaginal surgeries, and aimed it rejuvenate a woman’s sexual feeling, and these are:

  • Hymenoplasty
  • Vaginal reconstruction
  • Labia surgery

But the Hymenoplasty is the best way to catch up the right problem that you have. It is designed for repairing and reconstruction the ring like skin membrane partially covering the opening the vagina. While it comes to body of the woman, then there are a lot of things where woman might dislike about own body, no matter whether it is for the ethnical reasons or for reason of the past pregnancy, more women are option for hymenoplasty procedure as means to repair hymen. Whereas, most of the surgeons cannot perform hymenoplasty procedure for the reasons of birth, and there are a few that can so it is included.

Hymen is membrane that covers vagina until that time it gets ruptured and this will generally happen during woman’s first intercourse experience however might rupture from number of the reasons. The accidents from which woman might have fallen from bicycle or jumping from high dive platform at local pool will cause hymen to rupture. Also, in a lot of religions, it is important tell tale sign, which h woman has had the intercourse experience. Few women who had the hymen rupture might not want the future husband to see that it this way & can choose to undergo hymenoplasty surgery as means of returning all of them to fully virgin status.

Hymenoplasty treatment is generally the reconstruction surgery of hymen membrane. The membrane that is found in back 1/3 of vagina covers vaginal opening. In a few cases this will rupture by the accident or fall resulting in full opening or many small tears. In hymenoplasty procedure, the tears and openings are fixed & closed up and hymen is not actually 100% closed though; and there is small start shaped opening for allowing the fluids out during the menstruation and to allow that being torn during first intercourse experience. Procedure itself is aimed in basically restoring hymen to the virgin status. As hymen is sign of the virginity, it is main reason why majority of the plastic surgeons cannot perform that on woman who has also given birth.