November 4, 2010

Hydrocelectomy Thailand –Surgery to Eliminate the Vagina Problem!

Why the surgery performed in Thailand?

This procedure is also known as hydrocele repair, and it is designed to perform to correct the hydrocele problem. It is an accumulation of peritoneal fluid in a membrane called the tunica vaginals, which recovers the front and sides of the male testes. The hydrocele occurs because of defective absorption of tissue fluid of the membrane leading to overproduction of fluid. Besides, filling the tunic vaginalis, the fluid may also fill a portion of the spermatic duct in the scrotum.

What are preparations required before hydrocelectomy?

The tolerant will be given the standard pre operative blood and urine tests at some prior to surgery. At the surgery time the surgeon will explain process, the type of anesthesia to be used, and in case the requirements for a temporary drain to be injected. Hydrocelectomy involves surgical removal or correction of the birth defect, where there is the opening between abdomen & scrotum. The defect causes the fluid collection over testicle, and is named hydrocele that is taken care of by hydrocelectomy, as well called hydrocele surgery. The hydrocele generally appears as soft swelling in membrane around testes. Not generally painful, hydrocele doesn’t damage testes & happens on a side only. The hydrocele is generally congenital, found in large percentage (around 80% or more) of male kids & in 1% of the adult males more than 40.

Hydrocelectomy Surgery: procedure

In hydrocelectomy surgery, incision is made for removing built up liquid, and then sac tissue is been turned inside out & reattached. In other variant of hydrocele operation procedure, sac is totally removed, except for portion of sac that is attached to testicle. That depends on the condition, doctor can choose which treatment to follow.

Hydrocelectomy Abroad

Hydrocelectomy surgery expenses are, usually, very high. Not everybody will afford to pay high prices for the hydrocele operation. It where the medical tourism that comes in the play and these surgeries are all undertaken at a lot of foreign hospitals and medical tourism centers that give state of art facilities, as well as operations are been administered by the surgeons who are been experienced & highly trained. The professional staff, trained doctors & hygienic states, all come to give you with best of services & facilities at very low costs.

Hydrocelectomy in US will cost from $10,000-$15,000 and these rates are reduced while you opt for the hydrocelectomy abroad, and, you may get same medical procedure for around $1500-$5000, and enjoy the added perks such as longer hospital stay.