November 5, 2010

Herniated Disc Surgery Thailand – Great Time for Looking New Procedure!

How is the surgery performed?

A tiny incision will be prepared to inject an endoscope so the surgeon can view the surgical area. The other smaller instruments are injected to eliminate of the offending disc. In addition there is no general anesthesia, no dissection of muscles and tendons from the bone with shorter healing time. It is usually performed only when the endoscopic is failure or cannot be performed. The incision is prepared in the back, and then muscle and tendon are not connected to reval the offending disc. At the removal time of the bone, tissue, and then the disc, muscles and tendon are connected. The incisions closed with sutures, staples, or metal clips and also the bandage will apply.

What are the possible risks?

It is a traditional recovery method where less risk likes bleeding, clotting, infection. Most of the people with disc herniation don’t get herniated disc surgery. But, in case, your doctor and medical back specialist suggests herniated disc surgery, and then it is something that you might choose to do. Remember that the disc surgery is not sure thing and there is not any guarantee it can work. Type of the surgery that you have can depend on exact nature of the disc herniation. Generally your surgeon can tell you type of the procedure after reviewing the MRI.

The herniated disc surgery treatments are.

Open Discectomy

Like you know, reason the disc herniation will hurt a lot is leaking fluid from the disc presses and irritates nerve. This hurts and discectomy removes leaked fluid, which contacts and irritates nerve. Patients are all put under with the general anesthesia for procedure.

Endoscopic Discectomy

The endoscopic discectomy, like open discectomy, and removes leaked fluid from disc herniation, which contacts nerve. But, procedure is very different from open discectomy in to be less invasive. The open discectomy needs three cm incision & peeling muscle from spine. The endoscopic discectomy, makes small incision & makes use of endoscopic probe with video recorder attached, and through which small surgical instruments are been inserted to remove excess disc fluid, which herniated. The endoscopic discectomy is less invasive than the open discectomy and you may go home same day.

Percutaneous Discectomy

The procedure is done when disc has not ruptured and herniated, however instead bulges resulting in the pain. Procedure is done with needle like instrument named cannula, which removes tissue from inside bulging disc for relieving pressure. And this procedure is been used less often than open discectomy, however is less invasive than open discectomy.