November 5, 2010

Heart Valve Replacement Surgery Thailand – It’s the Right Time to Move For It!

How is the surgery performed?

The surgeons can stop and cools the heart, and blood flows through the heart lung machine. So, the cardiovascular surgeons can cut into heart or aorta, so that the surgeons can replace the spoiled valve before restarting the heart and disconnecting the heart lung machine. The whole procedure is typically takes 2 to 4 hours to complete.

How the patients required for recovery?

The patients can be recovered after that the heart valve replacement surgery first in ICU for 2 to 4 days and then they can move for another rooms for better care. The exercise regime or cardiac rehabilitation schedule may be necessary for fast recovery. There are some patients resume light works within 4 to 6 weeks after the successful surgery in Thailand.

Why will I require Heart Valve Replacement Surgery?

Coronary arteries are small arteries, which surround heart and give you circulation to heart. Due to, things like diabetes, high cholesterol, heredity as well as smoking, individual will get the blockages of coronary arteries. If blockages become very narrow, then there is additional blood clot, which blocks artery altogether, and leading to heart attack. In case, narrowed areas are been cleaned out before heart attack happens, person will avoid complications of narrowed arteries. Person knows that they require having heart valve bypass surgery and (CABG) in case, they have bad stress test of heart and in case, they have the CT scan of heart that indicates they need angioplasty to decide an exact narrowness of artery. In case, there is any significant narrowing, then you will probably have to get the heart valve bypass surgery.

What happens during heart surgery?

You will get the anesthesia of a few kind and general anesthesia is most common form used. The incision is made t the center of chest & sternum must be sawed through. Heart is cooled with cold saltwater & arteries are all injected with the preservative to minimize the damage from the lessened blood flow at time of the surgery. Aorta is clamped off & blood is then oxygenated with heart and lung machine. The vein segment, generally from saphenous vein in leg, is also attached to coronary blood vessels beyond blockage & to aorta so blood will bypass blockage. Sternum is after that, wired together and chest is sewn closed. Heart valve replacement surgery generally takes matter of hours.

You are wondering if this type of the surgery is correct for you and are 3 things, which can tell you in case, you could be candidate for this type of the heart valve replacement surgery:

1) You have important blockage in coronary arteries

2) Your blockage causes angina and other cardiac symptoms

3) You know process & procedure of heart valve surgery