November 5, 2010

Heart Bypass Surgery Thailand – Newer type of Bypass Surgery!

What are needed before surgery preparations?

Before the surgery that the patient will receive a general anesthesia, so the patients are asleep and free no pain during the surgical. The experts are always telling the nurse what drugs that the patients taking, often the drugs and herbs the patients should bought without a prescription.

How the patient can treat after surgery recovery?

The end of the surgery, you should spend 5 to 7 days in the hospital. You can spend first few hours in the ICU, and then you will move to a transitional care room within 24 hours. The two to three tubes will be injected in your chest to drain fluid from around your heart. The tubes usually removed 1 to 3 days after the surgery.

Where Abroad I Can Have Heart Valve Surgery Performed?

In Thailand, they give you heart bypass surgery or else heart valve surgery, the aortic valve surgery as well as other valvular surgery in many private hospitals in & around Thailand.

•   Mexico is one more big place for going to for invasive and coronary artery bypass surgery. They give you the board certified cardiologists & cardiac as well as heart surgeons who will do heart bypass surgery at fraction of cost.

•  In Bangkok, they give state of art heart valve & bypass graft surgeries as well as off short incisions, the stem cell use in the bypasses & robotic assisted bypasses. The costs are under fifty percent of what you can pay in U.S. and quality is rate.

You are thinking that does not appear bad at all, however what about arranging the details for the heart surgery abroad?

Everything is arranged for you prior to you leave, and that includes flights, passport, visa as well as hotel accommodation. You aer met at airport by English speaking personal representatives. And you can talk with us and ask any of the questions at a time you have to & we will stay in touch to your procedure abroad & even when you return to home.

We will take care of the details and we know more about you & your situation, and we will send you custom plan and package about heart bypass surgery doctors & hospitals abroad, and your procedure & costs. You can speak with overseas doctors & staff that is caring for you when on stay. In case, you are thinking of having the heart valve and bypass surgery abroad, then we are happy to give you with the free quote.