November 5, 2010

Gastic Lap Band Thailand – It’s the Time Move For this Procedure!

How is the surgery performed?

It is performed under the general anesthesia in a hospital operation theater. During the procedure three to five one half inch to two inch incisions are prepared in the upper abdomen. Barring complications, this process carry about one hour perform.

What are preparations required before surgery?

The patient will under move an extensive work up to define whether this operation is point toward and safe in the patient case. Preoperative screening can consist of complete blood tests, imaging studies, a gastro copy and consultations with various experts.

Is process having any side –effects?

The side effects may vary person to person. On the starting procedure the patient cannot feel any thing or any side effects. After the treatment you have first problem that you get less intake food and chunk food and drink too quickly then vomiting may occur. LAP BAND System is the adjustable gastric band that is designed to assist you to lose excess body weight, and improve the weight related conditions and improve quality of life. Also, it reduces stomach capacity & restricts amount of food that is consumed at a time. LAP BAND System treatment doesn’t need stomach cutting & stapling and gastrointestinal re-routing to the bypass normal digestion. LAP BAND System is an only adjustable & reversible weight loss treatment available and only weight loss surgery that is approved by Food & Drug Administration.

Customer Testimonials

Lap Band

Stephene, LA found that on Internet search & arranged lap band treatment at Thailand hospital. She said that web site was very simple to use as well as the customer support staff was willingly available to answer questions.

Stephanie said: that “everything is good than my expectations and quality of the care got is excellent.” She as well adds: “Doctor was concerned with the patients & checked in frequently than any US doctor I have encountered. Actually, it will be unheard of for U.S. doctor leaving his workout at gym as well as show up in the patient hospital room in five minutes of concern. But, this is exactly what Doctor did. I was in the disbelief & never expected doctor to come to hospital to answer question.” and “Hospital staff visited often & made sure that entire experience was very comfortable.” I saved more than $8,000 by selecting to go abroad for lap band procedure. I will suggest Healthbase to anyone who are in need of services. Stephanie, LA