November 5, 2010

Female to Male Thailand – Live the Life Without Confusion!

The verdict to make the transformation from female to male is not a so easy and so complicate choice to make. There are some steps and process that one has to move through, often, on the decisions has been made and you have gone through the requirement steps you can finally move on your to leading the life you were desired to leave, and you can make the transformation in full circle that you should consider female to male Thailand.

Why people move for Thailand to make female to male?

There are some hospitals who are offering the best procedure to live the life in dual segment in one life. So, people are having interested to live the life in dual way. In this regard, the information and the procedure of the female to male surgery can enhance your living standard in ample way.

Undergo the sex reassignment surgery

The female may opt to undergo the female to male surgery, where she can become the transman. Female male surgery doesn’t necessarily entail surgical installation of the penis to female body. There are urban legends of penis transplant, however no actual sources have tested if female will have the penis in cas,e she selects to undergo the sex reassignment surgery.

Mastectomy, and surgical removal of the breasts

The transman will just reshape body to resemble of a male. This is done through the mastectomy, or else surgical removal of the breasts. Transmen as well have the hysterectomies, and removal of ovaries & female reproductive organs. The hormonal treatment with the testosterone is given for facilitating in transformation process.

Male 2 Female Transsexual Surgery

If woman decides to change herself in man, so will man select to transform him in complete woman. The modern times have made that possible for a lot of people to get open about sexuality as well as gender preference. The procedures for males are intensive & costly, however more men are now turning to the surgeries as chance for new life.

Sex reassignment male to female

The sex reassignment male to female, that includes reshaping of male genitals to form appearance & possibly function of the female genitalia. This type of the sex reassignment that involves surgeries like transplanting ovaries & forming fully sensate vagina that is named vaginoplasty. Colovaginoplasty that is making the vaginal lining from the skin grafts from hips or thighs, and section of colon, is generally done when there is extreme shortage of the skin and vaginoplasty has failed.

Transwoman will opt for the facial feminization surgery

Apart from changes with genital organs, transwoman will opt for the facial feminization surgery, and wherein facial features are been altered, which includes reshaping of jaw, eyebrows, cheekbones, as well as removal of Adam’s apple.