November 5, 2010

Forehead Lift Thailand – It can squeeze the Forehead Gap!

The forehead lift is also known as a brow lift, and it is cosmetic surgery process used to develop a drooping eyebrow that may obstruct object. The patients commonly request rejuvenation surgery on the forehead because the area is large enough to squeeze the major and expression point of the upper face, the eyes not with standing. Offering the muscles that hold the forehead usually leads to a more youth full look. The patients can request the procedure commonly range in age from 40 to 60. Often, the forehead lift is used in combination with eyelid surgery to reduce sagging skin found on the upper eyelids. There are multiple approaches that can be offered the best technique to reduce the forehead gap through the forehead lift surgical procedure.

There are many established methods to perform the eyebrow (as well called forehead) lift. Oldest method is named coronal brow lift. This type of the brow lift is done making large incision behind hairline from a side of head to other. Forehead & brow are been lifted accordingly and incision is well sutured closed. Most important advantage to form of the brow lift is fact that brow is raised the significant amount by removing more skin. But, this type of the brow lift has many large disadvantages. Surgery is more expensive than some other types of the brow lift. Also, there is large scar hidden behind hairline in people with the abundant hair. People who don’t have the thick hair don’t hide incision well. As well, there are permanent numbness in scalp region after this type of the surgery, as a few of sensory nerves are all cut by surgical technique.

Some other types of the brow lift and forehead lift are done without even making such large incision. One form of the brow lift is endoscopic brow lift and this is completed by making many small incisions behind hairline & using the small camera inserted by one of incisions, forehead is been lifted to higher point. Advantage of form of the brow lift is there is not any single large incision. But, incisions still will be visible in case, patient doesn’t have the full head of hair. Technique uses different methods to keep the forehead in higher position when it is lifted through small incisions. These methods is suturing method, which holds brow & forehead up higher. Other employs device named Endotine that is fixation device that is made of the dissolvable material, which holds brow & forehead in higher position for 3 to 6 months before dissolving. Forehead & brow form the natural attachments over period of time, which keep brow in new higher position.