November 4, 2010

Excision of Endometriosis Thailand – Stay Safe Through Out Life!

Why the process required?

There are so many gynecologists are critical of the particular excision of endometriosis deep into the rectovaginal septum and pelvic sidewall because they think it will result in a flood of pelvic adhesions. Only a highly specialized gynecologic doctor is capable of performing excision of endometriosis following such excision, and the general surgeon is called to assist for making the best surgery for their patient. The urologist is called in to assist in the performance of bladder excision of endometriosis repair.

Why the patients prefer to solve their problem through Thailand?

There are so many surgeons offering the best process with high end technology to eliminate the problem. It is the best and perfect procedure so that the patient can enhance throughout life.

Is excision of the endometriosis essential to treat pain?

Anybody asking the question has very little experience with the extensive disease. The extensive endometriosis generally results in the severe pain that is relieved by the excision of endometriosis. Most of the women with the extensive cul-de-sac endometriosis have a few degree of nodularity or tenderness of the uterosacral ligaments, the anterior rectum, as well as the posterior vagina cervix during the rectovaginal exam. Object of surgery is removing painful, and tender nodule. The postoperative examination after the excision of previously known lesion must confirm absence of the nodularity & tenderness, documenting excision of an area of the maximum tenderness & nodularity that is caused by the endometriosis is best treatment for the pelvic pain that is caused by the condition. Unfortunately, a lot of gynecologists fail doing the adequate rectovaginal examination for discovering lesion in first place.

How you can remove tender nodule without any excision?

I don’t know! While the areas thought being endometriosis by the laparoscopic examination are been subjected to the treatment with laser and electrosurgery for ablation, just “tip of iceberg” is generally treated. Deeper components of lesion go untreated as surgeon under treats due to fear of the late complications to rectum and ureter. This kind of the treatment will not possibly work and it generally stimulates endometriosis lesion with the resultant increase in inflammation inside lesion ysurrounding it. End point of the laparoscopic (& laparotomy) surgical methods to excise endometriosis must be the normal rectovaginal exam with the mobile distensible vagina, free rectum, as well as absence of the nodularity as palpated with rectovaginal exam when probing area visualized with laparoscope.

Endometriosis is discreet lesion: The endometrial glands & stroma that is surrounded by the fibromuscular tissue, and making white & fibrotic. The symptomatic black brown lesions are surrounded by the white fibromuscular scar.