November 4, 2010

Excision Breast Mass Thailand – Choose the Right One for Reduce the Breast Cancer!

Excision breast mass is usually done in an outpatient clinic. The surgeon will give general anesthesia so that the patient can asleep through the surgery. This procedure takes the time about 1 to 2 hours.

The doctors makes a small incisions on the patient breast, then the surgeons eliminates some of the lump and breast tissue around it. If the breast tissue is turn into breast cancer, the surgeon will not eliminate very much breast tissue from around the lump. In case, the breast cancer amount of barest tissue around the lump the surgeon eliminates may depend on what type of barest cancer that patient have. After the procedure the surgeon will close the skin with stitches. So, a drain tube may be placed to reduce the excess fluid.

How is the excision biopsy of breast done?

The excision (surgical) biopsy is done in various ways:

* The surgical biopsy of the palpable growths (lumpectomy): The procedure removes part and all of breast growth, and lump. Doctor makes the incision one and two inches (around 2.5 – 5 cm) across & removes sample. In case, lump is small & measures inch (2.5 cm) and less across, doctor generally removes entire lump to test. In case, lump is large, doctor generally removes portion of that for testing. In case, cancer is found, then rest of lump is removed at a time of biopsy or at later time.

Doctor closes opening with the sutures and clips that stay in proper place for around one week. Patients who get the general anesthesia instead of local may need about hour to recover from the drowsiness after surgery.

* The surgical biopsy for the non-palpable lumps: The procedure is same to lumpectomy except the growth is first situated by mammography and other imaging studies and after that “marked.” Doctor inserts needle, which conveys wire with hook on end in the breast, all while using image as guide. After anchoring hooked wire to lump, doctor withdraws needle & performs surgery. One more choice is injecting the dye to mark spot instead of using the hooked wire.

What is time frame for getting results of breast biopsy?

For the small biopsies & fine needle aspirations, results are available next day. Results of most of the breast biopsies is available within some days. At times special testing should get performed, and results might take a little longer. Radiologist and surgeon performing procedure can give you idea of approximate time frame, which result is available. Your physician must as well allow you know how result is communicated to you.