November 3, 2010

Cataract Surgery Thailand (Phacoemulsification) – best natural process!

Eyes are most sensitive part of human body so it’s required much care during any problem. There are also various high class technology are introduced in the field of medical science to fight with the several eye related problem. So, the cataract surgery is much helpful for the patients to increasing their view power. In this regard a natural lens is placed between the face and rear areas of the eye. The process is much required for the people over 65age.

Is the Cataract Surgery process critical one?

The risk factor most is arising in every types of surgical process. It is depending on the skill of the surgeons how they handle the process. But the patients of Thailand are never facing any types of problem. The cataract surgery is the wonderful innovation, which is proving being the viable option for a lot of baby boomers suffering from the poor vision. When they get very old, people are developing cataracts in one and both of eyes. The cataract is cloudy covering, which looks over lens of an eye. Cataracts generally affect both the eyes, however normally the cataract can appear in an eye first. The symptoms of the cataracts include the cloudy & blurred vision, and sensitivity to light & sunlight, inability to distinguish the colors, halos over objects as well as people & impaired night vision. The cataracts are very harmful to eyes, and in case, they are all left untreated, then they will cause blindness. In case, you experience the symptoms listed over, and then you might wish to consider the cataract surgery as possible alternative.

The cataract surgery will help to improve the vision just by removing cataract from eye. Once cataract is removed, then your vision must return to the normal. The experienced ophthalmologist can remove cloudy lens, or cataract, by making use of the optical laser. Lens is generally shattered by the sound waves, after that removed from eye through small incision. Ophthalmologist will insert the manmade lens, named intraocular lens, in place of old lens. Intraocular lens is also made of the safe & clear plastic, as well as functions same as the normal lens. With the clear & cloud free lens in proper place, and your vision is much improved. The cataract surgery has high success rate, and complications, which come from the surgery are all next to nothing. Also, it is one day procedure that is done right in comfort of eye doctor’s office. Recovery time is minimal and you must see very clearly in very little as day after the surgery. Apart from taking your eye drops to stop the infection, there is not much else that you need to do when you have the cataract surgery.