November 3, 2010

Caecarian Section Delivery Thailand – Childbirth by Using Abdominal Incision!

What is caecarian section process?

Caecarian section process is shortly known as the c-section help the delivering a child through abdominal incision. In the entire process person recover with in one to two week and the period may be increasing in case of any critical problem. But the patients back to their normal life within four to five weeks. Also the success of the process depends on the skill hands of surgeons as well as health sounding.

Why Thailand is the first choice of world over patients?

Above requirements that makes the surgical process successful are easily available in the place in cheap. Also the advanced helping tools, which are using by the surgeons to solve the critical surgical process in smooth manner and provide quick, recover to patients. Vaginal delivery is natural method of birth & birth through Cesarean Section is surgical method. Doctors resort to birth by C-section when vaginal delivery get very difficult or else for a few reason that is related to mother or fetus or both.

What are causes of increasing percentage of Cesarean section?

Proportion of C-sections during last 3 decades has also increased significantly till it reached 25% in a few hospitals and over percentage in lots of hospitals.

These are a few of reasons:

Increased proportion of the pregnancy among the older women.

Spread of the fetal monitoring electronic devices that has revealed suffering of fetus in the early stages.

Repeated Cesarean section, first surgery that is followed by the C-section again.

Limited and Lack of the awareness of dangers of the Cesarean section.

Atmosphere around pregnant during labor like pressure of parents as well as their eagerness, fear & anxiety, all factors may drive pregnant woman to path of the surgical termination of the pregnancy. Purpose of natural delivery & C-section is ending pregnancy safely for mother & fetus. Please note contribution made by spread of the Cesarean section to reduce mortality rate of pregnant women & babies is also significant.

Which is good for health of a fetus?

Cesarean section is recent surgical procedure & the results are not best for fetus when compared to the natural birth. In normal cases, breathing difficulties are common after the C-section than birth natural.

Whichever is simpler for physician to do Cesarean section and natural birth?

Expert physician will perform C-section in 25-35 minutes, in case, things took place without complications. The natural birth is totally unpredictable in the terms of timing & duration and it is cumbersome, laborious as well as stressful for doctor as it needs longer time, in other hand, the natural birth is fast & easy.