November 5, 2010

Brain Surgeries Thailand – Solve the Problem Behind the Head!


The brain surgery treats hassles in the brain and the structures nearby it through an opening in the skull.


The patient hair on part of the scalp is shaved. The scalp is cleared and prepared for surgery. A small incision is prepared through the scalp. The incisions can be behind in the hairline and in front of you ear. At the hairline near your neck, based on these parts the problem in your brain is blocked.

Before the surgery preparations:

The patient will have a thorough physical exam. The experts may be performed many laboratory and X ray tests.

  • There will be doctors asked some important question that is:
  • If you have pregnant
  • What type of drugs that you are taking, even drugs, supplements, vitamins, or herbs you bought without prescribe.

How long I must stay for the Brain Surgeries?

It is sensible to stay for 1 month to complete the whole process. On arrival day in Thailand, patient must stay in the hotel to get relax from long flight & have the surgery on following day. The hospital stay & post surgery check period generally depend on the cases.

How is surgery done?

Before Craniotomy, the CT scan and MRI or angiography is done. No food is been allowed for 8 hours before operation. Steroid is then prescribed to reduce the brain swelling. The tubes are placed in veins & arteries in arms to pass some drugs & monitor blood pressure. Surgical area is shaved & cleaned to avoid any infection. Skull is opened by curved cut, named flap. Between brain & skull is thick membrane named Dura that is also opened. When operation is completed, then everything is been closed with the stitches. The tube to drain blood from scalp is generally left in proper place & dressing wound.

What is post sugical care?

You are constantly watched in special ward for day or two. The intravenous drips & drain tubes are removed after 48 hours & stitches (and staples) are taken out between two and ten days later. The steroid tablets are reduced slowly over many days. Wound is generally numb and itches for 6 months after the surgery that is normal. Few might have problems about jaw stiff & hard to open wide. This generally recovers within some weeks and return to work can depend on the cases.

What are possible risks & complications?

Steroid will at time cause stomach upset: doctor should be told in case, you have had the stomach ulcer. Any other operation is complicated by the heart trouble, blood clots in leg, chest infection, as well as wound infection.