November 5, 2010

Bone Marrow Transplantation Thailand – Need for Damaged Bone!

What is bone marrow transplantation?

It is a special treatment for patients with cancer or other diseases which is affecting the bone marrow. The bone marrow includes taking cells that is normally find in the stem cells, so filtering the cells, and offering them back either to the patient or to another patient. It is goal of BMT is to transfuse healthy bone marrow cells into patients after their own unhealthy bone marrow has been eliminated.

Why it is needed for the patient?

The objective of transplantation is to cure many diseases and types of cancer. While a patients moving through the bone marrow has been spoiled due to a disease treatments of radiation or chemotherapy for cancer, a bone marrow transplants may be required.

Why Cord Blood Transplants Are Good To the Bone Marrow Transplants?

Availability of the matching donors is main setback, which the bone marrow transplants patients generally face. There are some cases when patients even succumb to disease when waiting for ideal match. In order, to further list of the disadvantages, bone marrow collection treatment is very painful & that takes very long time seeing any kind of positive result of the bone marrow treatment.

The cord blood transplant treatments have also shown more of benefits than the bone marrow transplant treatments, and these are –

* Cord blood cells also show higher chances of the HLA matching between the donors and the patients.

* Availability of the umbilical blood stem cell that makes more accessible in the need of transplants than the bone marrow stem cells. Patient then no longer has to wait for donor; he is his own donor in case, his cord blood is preserved after birth.

* As, stem cells that are found in the umbilical cords are most primitive cells, and thus, when the transplanted to patients, and these bring lesser threat for the graft- versus –disease that is the probable risk that is involved in the bone marrow transplant.

* Harvesting & collecting process allows zero pain & risk for donor, while, bone marrow collection procedure causes some intense pain to donor & user.

The new discoveries are also showing more of techniques of the new ways of the cord blood transplant. The medical practitioners have aso gone extra mile to expand stem cells where you will see that there is insufficiency of the stem cells. Today, over seventy diseases are cured by the cord blood transplants. There are ‘some’ of diseases that are treated with the cord blood transplants.

* Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia