November 3, 2010

Bilateral Orchidopexy Thailand – Right Process for Young Male!

What is bilateral orchidopexy?

A bilateral orchidopexy is a process in which a surgeon fastens an undescended testicle interior the scrotum, generally with absorbable sutures. This procedure is done most often in male infants or very young children to right cryptorchidism. The bilateral orchidopexy is also occasionally performed in adolescents or adults, and it may involve one or both testicles. It is most often done to treat testicular torsion, which is an urgent situation crisis resulting from the testicle’s twisting around the spermatic cord and losing is blood supply.

What is proposing of this procedure?

To make clear the reasons for performing a bilateral orchidopexy in children, it is helpful to have an outline of the normal pattern of improvement of the tests in a male infant. Orchidopexy is the process to place testicle, which is undescended into the perfect area in scrotum. As child is enhancing in womb, the testicles drop by stomach and into scrotum. In majority of cases testicle cannot fall down & can stay in abdomen and draw wedged in groin, resulting is the agreement named crytorchidism. It must be undergone if testicle hasn’t descended after 8 months of age.

Why is it necessary?

It is necessary, as it can increase function of testicle & can avoid any of the scars from happening. Orchidopexy is best & perfect procedure to solve patient’s testicle problem. “Orchidopexy” is the operation to pull down undescended testes. The undescended testes happen when the testes (one & both) will not move down in the scrotum.


The testes may come down themselves in 3 months following birth & in case, that they will not, then operation called orchidopexy is needed. Best age for the surgery is controversial and you should discuss that with the specialist. Many experts suggest the operation happen when kid is aged over 6 – 12 months. Orchidopexy surgery is needed in case, the testes will not come down themselves after six months as, there is a risk of ongoing health issues & these may include:

Trauma like twisting

Hernia – lump of bowel coming by similar hole as the testis

Lower fertility –the body temperature in the abdomen is higher than scrotum and this can affect sperm in testes

Risk of testicular cancer –is one in hundred risk

Poor self esteem because of the cosmetic problem

Orchidopexy is done for bringing testis down in normal location in the scrotum. Small cut is after that, made in groin as well as testis is stitched in the scrotum. Now, the testis will stay in scrotum & operation is day method and your kid should go home on same day.