November 3, 2010

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya – Remembered for Great Service Provider!

The Bangkok Pattaya hospital was established in the year 1990 with only 100 beds. After that, a new building for specialized clinic with 200 beds has built to offer a proper care for wide range number of patients with special and complicated medical necessities. It is the largest of the Eastern Seaboard’s has now been accredited by Joint Commission International 2009 as being the equal of the leading names in the healthcare in Bangkok. It is able to keep its place in the world order. This hospital has approved by ISO 9002 in 1997 and now certified by the ISO 9001:2000 and in the same year. It was officially recognized as the best provider of goods and services.

In Bangkok Hospital Pattaya they have over 100 specialist doctors, trained nurses as well as trained staff. They speak over 20 languages & use the high technology medical tool. Serve more than 300,000 patients yearly more than 110,000 international patients are from around 136 countries. As they have strived for the excellence from start, they recruit over 90 specialists as well as have invested in the modern high tech medical equipments for helping them to make diagnosis & treatment accurately, like 64 Slice CT, MRI, PACs system. Hospital is known as most highly advanced in eastern area.

To make more convenience & comfortable atmosphere for customers & the relatives, area of the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is well expanded from around 13 sq.rai – sq.rai and new 15 storey building is been added to original complex. To be 400 beds facility, and we improve interior & landscape, we train staff & recreate services to pamper customers such as 5 stars hotel with the superb medical care from specialists. And operating with “Synergy with the Service Excellence” concept, as well as well equipped with the skilled, and experienced experts plus state of art technologies, and NHS is striving to give you better service, and in accordance with the international standards, and aiming at the highest possible consumer satisfaction. They are private hospital, giving you the quality tertiary medical care of international standard. The medical team comprises of more than 90 full time physicians & over 170 visiting physicians as well as they have largest Dental Center in part of country with around 28 Specialists. All medical staff have an extensive training & experience and a lot of have graduated from, and have the practiced overseas, and all are dedicated to providing highest standards of the patient care. They are awarded Hospital Accreditation with recognition of high quality of care & for continually keeping, improving as well as updating practices.