November 3, 2010

Augmentation Rhinoplasty Thailand – Consider the Two Procedures!

Augmentation Rhinoplasty is most effective surgical process for the patient, and it performed to increase the size of the specific part of the patient’s nose to offer it a more aesthetically ample appearance. This process, among others, it can add height to the nose bridge of the nasal tip to improve its projection. The cosmetic surgeon has two options in performing augmentation Rhinoplasty.

Explains the types of the augmentation Rhinoplasty?

There are two types of augmentation Rhinoplasty, and these are:

  • Open augmentation rhinoplasty.
  • Close augmentation rhinoplasty.

These two processes the best and perfect for shaping you problem in simple manner. This procedure has gone under the general anesthesia so that the patient can asleep through the procedure. The big difference, but unfortunately, not the positive difference. The augmentation rhinoplasty is deceptively simple operation. And, many doctors who haven’t had any special training in the plastic surgery think that they will very easily do that. After all, what can be very difficult about placing the implant to increase bridge of your nose?

As well trained & experienced plastic surgeon will explain, that rhinoplasty is the most delicate surgery operations. Everybody has different nose & plastic surgeon must evaluate structure of the nasal bones as well as cartilage, shape of the face, your skin, as well as your age as the factors influence the decisions about what methods to use for surgery to get desired result.

Though the rhinoplasty generally takes an hour and two, and this operation is very difficult to learn & difficult to perform very well. The skillful surgeon knows exactly where you can make the incisions so they are practically invisible while healing. With the right technique, the scar tissue does not interfere with achieving desired results. The skillful surgeon knows where you can make the incisions to minimize amount of the bleeding during operation. Surgeon will have good results while there is the less bleeding as he will clearly see what requires to be done. The experienced surgeon knows how you can minimize the intra-operative swelling. Swelling will make that very hard for surgeon see what nose’s final shape is & what has to be done at time of surgery.

The surgeon doesn’t just require the technical expertise for performing the augmentation rhinoplasty. He not just needs to be expert on “science” of the operation, he should be artist. Also, there is a lot of artistry that is involved in planning & execution of operation. Best plastic surgeons carve the implant particularly for every patient in right size & shape to make the new nose that can look very natural. Surgeon should have the fine aesthetic sense that surgical results of nose operation can appear natural & unnoticeable.