November 3, 2010

Appendectomy Thailand – You can Select the Right Option to Make a Better Procedure!

It is a small, finger shaped sac enlarging from the first part of the large intestine. It is eliminating while it becomes inflamed. These types of problem can be solving by the appendectomy surgery procedure at Thailand. There are several things which are related to this surgical procedure. This appendectomy procedure can be done through the general anesthesia, which means the patient can asleep through out the procedure. The doctor can make a small cut in the lower right side of your belly area and eliminate the appendix. These types of problems can be removed using the minimally invasive techniques. Through this procedure the surgeons can be injected a small tube belly area for drain out fluids or pus.

Appendicitis are because of following factors: bowel adhesion, the swelling of lymphatic tissue of appendix due to viral infection, foreign body as well as faecalith (small, and hard mass of faeces) that causes blockage, infection and inflammation. While appendicitis is left totally untreated rupture of appendix might result. Infected contents flow in abdominal cavity causing serious medical emergency named peritonitis in case, appendix ruptures. Peritonitis is inflammation of membranes lining abdominal wall as well as organs and in case, not treated is life threatening.

If appendix shows signs, which it might rupture patient is taken to operating theatre when possible. Open & laparoscopic appendectomy are two surgical techniques and open appendectomy comprises in incision that is made through skin, underlying tissue and abdominal wall to access appendix. In case of the laparoscopic appendectomy 3 incisions in abdomen are made, by which particular instruments are all inserted. In order, to separate abdominal wall from organs the gas is pumped gently in abdominal cavity. So appendix & internal organs are very easily examined. Appendix is then removed through the small ‘keyhole’ incisions in the laparoscopic appendectomy.

After operation temperature, the blood pressure, pulse as well as respiration, wound & level of the pain of patient are recorded. The early movement is been indicated after operation. Patient can eat around 24 hours and so after operation. Stitches are normally removed after a week. In case, appendix ruptures & peritonitis develops, the antibiotics are prescribed. Infected material are drained by surgeon and abdominal cavity is disinfected and intravenous fluids are administrated in vein. The procedure will cause longer hospitalization and infection is the most common complications that might look after the appendectomy. Infection of wound is one more common kind of following the appendectomy.

General suggestions of doctor is: follow the diet, making use of mild laxative for first some days, drinking water, and avoiding the lifting heavy objects as well as stair climbing or regular gentle exercises.