November 5, 2010

Angioplasty Thailand – Possible Myocardial Infraction!

How is the surgery performed?

It consists of avoiding physical activity for several days after the process. The patients are recommended to stay away from any type of lifting or other trying physical activity for a week. The tolerant will need to void physical stress and sport activities for a maximum of two weeks after a delicate balloon angioplasty.

Angioplasty risks:

The angioplasty surgical processes are safer than bypass surgeries and accordingly less than 1% of patients die from complications after this process. Tearing of the artery offering in total obstruction and possible myocardial infraction, and it can usually be remake with a stent. Some complications are:

  • The removed clot may cause a stroke in some circumstances in less than 1% of patients who under move angioplasty.
  • The bleeding and brushing where the catheters were injected;

Who Requires Angioplasty?

Angioplasty is the procedure that is recommended to people who have the heart conditions such as atherosclerosis. The high levels of cholesterol (low density lipoproteins – “bad” cholesterol) as well as fat in bloodstream will at times cause them building-up as well as harden to form the plaque in arterial walls. This will cause arteries to get rigid & less flexible, condition medically well known as atherosclerosis. The atherosclerosis will restrict blood flow that is causing angina (chest pains) & when untreated, clot might form that lead to heart attack.

The candidate for the angioplasty may have to go through series of tests that includes urinalysis, X-ray, blood tests as well as electrocardiogram. Not all the patients with the coronary angiogram will have angioplasty – and there are a lot of factors that will render procedure unsuitable, like in case, blockage happens in naturally narrow sections and in case, too many blocked vessels that branch off artery. In cases just like these, invasive alternative method like coronary artery bypass treatment is suggested.

What Angioplasty Entails

Angioplasty treatment is aimed in opening up the blocked arteries to allow the smoother & normal blood flow. Also, it opens up narrowed artery just by inserting the tube (named catheter) at narrowed point. The balloon is then fixed at an end of tube that is inflated, to push far apart arterial walls outward. And this action results to temporary widening of narrowed artery & will break down & crush plaque build-up. Balloon is after that removed to keep site open, coronary stent is then placed & stays there permanently for holding artery open & restore blood flow.