November 3, 2010

Accusculpt Thailand – Treat with Visible Result!

Accusculpt is an effective treatment with visible results after two weeks while the compression slightly raised on the treated area is removed. It is eliminating the amount of fat carries place throughout the 3 to 6 months along with the shrinking of the skin caused by the production of collagen. You can take the full advantage of its effectiveness it is essential to follow a diet suitable. The accusculpt can be maintained your long beauty forever. It can cover the skin by a skin firmer and it is obviously necessary to take proper care and diet and also healthy lifestyle so that you can stay forever beautiful. This accusculpt method has approved by the FDA. It is an elegant method and as few traumatic.

Laser assisted liposuction is the many tools that the plastic surgeons are all finding very useful as the demand continues for the less invasive body shaping methods. The newcomer to market, currently receiving the regulatory clearance from FDA, AccuSculptTM Laser Lipolysis System, and according to manufacturer, is first Pulsed Laser to deliver 1444 nanometer nm) wavelength. Special wavelength is been said to allow for the improved accuracy, control as well as minimally invasive tissue heating. For the areas of face, AccuLift facial contouring treatment that applies AccuSculpt system with small cannula.

According to manufacturer, the AccuSculpt laser lipolysis is been indicated for surgical incision, vaporization, excision, ablation as well as coagulation of the soft tissue. Unique wavelength gives you more absorption than some other wavelengths. It is been said to translate in much of the faster fat emulsification with low peripheral damage. The post operative pain & swelling will happen, burns are possible. AccuSculpt is been used on all the areas of body. Target age for the patients is 20 – 70. Normally, younger, elastic skin has higher ability to tighten and contract after the subsurface volume reduction, or older, and less elastic skin is very less adjusting.